Healing with Hyperbarics

We are developing a protocol to TREAT a Concussion.  

There is strong science to support the idea that a hyperbaric oxygen treatment, sooner than later after a concussion, can resolve the injury.

Science supports that the treatment does three things:

  1. Oxygenates the damaged brain cells which allows them to repair themselves.
  2. Decreases the swelling to allow blood flow to the damaged area to return to normal.
  3. Mitigates the inflammatory response.  We believe this will be a key to the treatment in the future.

TREAT a Concussion

The article listed below is one of many discussing the science supporting this treatment for acute concussions.

Huang L, Obenaus A:  Hyperbaric oxygen therapy and traumatic brain injury.  Medical Gas Research 2011 1:21.


There will be more to come regarding this discussion in the future.